What Jobs Does Amazon Have from Home?

Amazon has several jobs that can be done from home. Some examples include:

  • Customer service representative
  • Technical support specialist
  • Data entry clerk
  • Virtual call center agent
  • Transcriptionist
  • Technical writer
  • Software developer

These are just a few examples, and the availability of remote jobs may vary depending on the location.

Let’s see what kind of work-from-home job you can get from Amazon in more detail.

Types of Work from Home Jobs You Can Get at Amazon

1.) Customer Service Associate

Amazon is well-known for its superb quality customer service. It is one of many factors that bring Amazon to the top ranks of the best online store in the world.

For that reason, Amazon keeps searching for new people that can work in this section every year. Best of all, this company doesn’t limit the location where the customer service team can work at.

Thus, the work from home for the customer service team is available for you. Amazon is looking for job seekers with several criteria to get this position.

First of all, they should know basic computer knowledge. It is necessary because they will work most of the time with a computer and access information to help the customer.

The lack of this knowledge will only hinder their task. Thus, the speed and accuracy that Amazon customer service is proud of, could be ruined.

That will give a bad impression to the public. Another thing that you should have is an eye for detail. Amazon prefers to hire a detail-oriented person as a customer service associate.

Why? The information and problems that the customers have, require an accurate solution.

And, if you have an eye for details, you can find the best and the correct way to solve that problem. It saves your time and customers will get the solution that they need sooner.

It will also create a good impression of Amazon’s customer service. Last but not least, you also need to have patience.

You will face different types of customers. Some of them are very easy to handle. Then, some of them are quite annoying. If you have no patience, facing the annoyed one could be hard for you.

Worst of all, you might do or say something unnecessary that can ruin Amazon’s customer service reputation. This job requires you to use various platforms to interact with customers.

Mainly, you will use email, phone, or online chat. This is where basic computer knowledge is necessary. Furthermore, those platforms require a good quality internet connection.

So, another requirement to work as a customer service associate for Amazon is having a high-speed internet connection. The customers don’t have to experience delays or downtime when they ask for your help.

You also can access the required information for the customer much faster. This position is one of the hottest work-from-home positions at Amazon. Therefore, it is not surprising that Amazon closed this position because it is filled quickly.

You should act faster and visit Amazon’s work from the home page to find more about it.

Then, once you see it is available, apply right away!

2.) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or Amazon MTurk is one of the best places to visit for you that needs a job you can do from home. It is a marketplace to find an outsourcing worker to do the various tasks.

So, you only need to register as a worker to get the job to do the task from Amazon and other companies. Once you sign up, you can visit the Amazon Mechanical Turk website, find the job, complete it, and then receive the payment.

Even though it is very tempting, we do not recommend this site for you who want to find a stable income from working from home. Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best choice for you who need extra income or a part-time job.

Moreover, you also get lower payments than a regular online job. You won’t find the task that matches your skill and capability regularly.

It needs some luck to get the best task which gives you the right amount of money.

Therefore, it is not for you who wants a long-term job. Despite that limitation, Amazon Mechanical Turk is still a good place to get a job that doesn’t require too much time and energy to finish.

Some of those tasks don’t even need a day to finish, such as transcribing audio or finding more information about a specific topic. You can visit this place if you want to experience the work-from-home Amazon provided and extra income to help your expenses.

Or, if you are a student who needs cash to buy something, you also can use this service. If you are interested in trying the job from Amazon Mechanical Turk, here are several tips you should know and try:

  • Choose the Job Carefully

Find the job you can finish quickly. Thus, you can accumulate the low payment into more reasonable numbers of payments.

  • Avoid Tasks with Too Low Payment

Choose the task that pays you at least 40 cents. Of course, you also need to consider the time required to finish it. Choose one that has a shorter time to finish.

  • Get More Tasks Done

The task or job in Amazon MTurk is called HIT (Human Intelligence Task). Some of the tasks here require you have finished a certain number of HITs before you can take them.

So, make sure you get that done because the task that has a minimal HIT requirement like this pays you more.

  • Maintain a High Approval Rating

you also should keep your task approval rating at a high percentage, at least 98%. It helps you to get trusted by a company that will give you a task.

  • Complete All Qualifications

Try to complete as many qualifications. It gives you more access to the bigger-paid task.

  • Avoid Low Rating Requesters

Use the filter features to remove and prevent any low rating requesters ask you for help.

These low-rating requesters are problematic. They don’t even pay the worker after finishing the task. Those are several tips you should use when you visit Amazon Mechanical Turk and get the task there.

One thing you need to remember, the commission rate is high. You must pay 20% of your payment to Amazon for every task in Amazon MTurk.

So, consider it before you find a job here.

3.) Amazon Stylist

For you who love fashion and make style arrangements for other people, there is a stylist job you can try from Amazon.

Unlike standard fashion stylists where you should make direct contact with the clients, this job allows you to provide the service from a distance through a computer or device.

To work in this position, you must have good communication skills. Your main job will interact with the customers that require help regarding fashion products on Amazon.

It is similar to customer service. However, you are specialized in fashion and style. Multi-tasking is also another skill you must have.

You will deal with various tasks in this position, such as communication with the customer, deciding the fashion product, and creating the style that matches the customer, and many more.

This skill allows you to do all those tasks without any problem. The goal is to provide the solution as fast as you can. So, the customers will get what they need quickly.

The Amazon stylist position also requires an individual that has a flexible schedule.

Whenever customers need help with fashion products and style, you are ready for them, including on weekends and holidays. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for you who want to focus on one job.

If you are looking for part-time or extra income from work-from-home from Amazon, this job is not for you. The requirement to apply and get this job is easy.

Amazon searches for an individual that has at least 2 years of experience in fashion-based work. It could be a designer, editor in a fashion magazine, or even an owner of a fashion blog, website, or social media.

As long as you have that amount of experience, you have a chance to get this job.

4.) Administrative Support

You also can apply for a position in the administrative department of Amazon. Today, this department also adapts the online system to their working system.

Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic attacked a couple of years ago, it didn’t affect this department too much. This department was ready to change the working environment to the online or distance working style.

In the Amazon administrative department, you can apply for various positions. Mainly, people love to get a position as administrative assistants, receptionists, executive assistants, or office managers.

All of them are positions that require individuals that can keep everything neat and running smoothly. Therefore, if you have a passion for managing and creating an effective workflow, this job is for you.

If it is too difficult to get a position in this department, you also can try the internship in the administrative support department. Amazon provides many opportunities for internships in its company.

One of the most interesting internship positions is post-production interns and film and TV interns. Both of them will help you to learn more about the entertainment industry.

More importantly, you can do them from home and get paid as an intern. The other benefit of applying for an internship at the administrative support department is you get an early start to enter the company.

Once you finish the internship period, you can apply for a real position at Amazon.

And, with your experience as an intern in the administrative support department, you have a higher chance to get hired. What kind of skills should you have to work in the administrative support department at Amazon?

Mainly, you need to have good communication skills, both written and verbal. This department needs teamwork, so communication skill is necessary to get every member of the team to work together.

Other than that, you also must be able to adapt to the various working environments. The working environment in this department keeps changing rapidly.

Without this skill, you will be left behind and it can slow down your team’s performance.

Lastly, experience in administrative work is also helpful. You don’t have to learn from scratch.

You can get into the team and workflow immediately.

5.) Amazon Associate Affiliate

Have you heard about affiliate marketing? It is a promotion job by other parties, which receive a commission whenever a customer buys that product by using that promotion from the product owner.

Amazon also has a similar program. Furthermore, as one of the biggest online stores, the product you can promote through this affiliate marketing program is many.

In our opinion, this is one of the best affiliate marketing programs you can find today. How does it work? It is similar to other affiliate marketing programs.

You choose the product from Amazon that you like. Then, promote that product on the internet. You can use a blog, website, social media, or another online platform that you know.

When your followers, subscribers, or other people bought that product from your promotion, you will be paid a percentage of the price of that product by Amazon.

Currently, the Amazon associate affiliate has more than 900,000 members. It is a good chance for you who love blogging or posting on social media.

If you have social media or blogging with many followers or high traffic, you should try this program as well. Other than the income from the ads on your online platform, you will also get extra income from this program.

As we mentioned, Amazon has different types of products in its store. Therefore, it will be much easier to find the product that matches your blog, website, or social media theme.

That means you can feature that product on your online platform naturally, without making it like you are forcing it to make some money. Try to make a review. It might also help your blog or website get more attention.

6.) Amazon Designers

A designer is a job that is related to the digital world. Therefore, if you are looking for a job you can do from home; this one is a good choice. Amazon provides various job opportunities in this part, such as photographers, program managers, artists, producers, and many more.

You can work in different positions in departments in design at Amazon, such as advertising, digital entertainment, Alexa design, and more.

As for job requirements, you need to have experience in designing. It could be the experience of working at a design company. Or, you can use your experience as a freelance designer to apply for a position in the Amazon design department.

You also must have a set of skills needed to work as a designer, such as web designing, logo designing, layout designing, animation, graphic designing, web development, and many more.

7.) Editorial and Content Management

People use the internet as a part of their daily life. Therefore, promoting on the internet is also an integral part of every business today, including Amazon.

Amazon has a specific team that deals with it because content marketing is necessary to reach more customers and market.

They use it to promote various products and can be said to be the element of today’s Amazon’s success. Because of its importance, Amazon keeps hiring the best people for this position.

Furthermore, the amount of content that Amazon needs to create every time is so huge.

So, many content creators are necessary to fulfill that quota. Moreover, quality is also this company’s priority. All content that they release always has accurate and helpful information for the customer that reads it.

The goal is to attract customers to visit Amazon and buy the product, or to keep the old customers staying and using Amazon services.

The editorial and content management department offers various positions for you who are interested in becoming its members.

You can become a publisher, digital editor, content manager, content analyst, content strategist, and creative material coordinator.

Those are the high positions in the department. If you can’t get that position, you can always start from the bottom. In this case, you can apply for a content creator position, writer, or video creator.

Of course, you also should have a proper skill set that allows you to work efficiently in this department. Management skills are a must. You will deal with so much content that Amazon needs to publish.

Moreover, there will be many content creators that work with you. Managing the team will be the essential part, so the team can work flawlessly and finish the project on time.

Writing skills is also necessary. You may have to work together with the team to create reviews, articles, or even press releases for Amazon Company and its product.

You can’t let the writing service do this job for you. Many of the materials need to be kept secret, so you can’t share them with other parties.

Moreover, you can make more personalized content that works along with Amazon’s mission this way. It helps the content reach customers’ hearts.

Similar to other positions, Amazon also searches for people with experience in management.

You will work with other members of a team. So, this skill helps you to blend well and adjust yourself to the working environment that has already been formed.

Best of all, you can do all these tasks in this department from home. Most of your tasks come in digital form. Furthermore, the meeting also can be done via an online meeting service.

Therefore, it is one of the best work-from-home choices for you who have good management skills.

8.) Human Resources

Similar to other companies, Amazon recruits people to work in the Human Resource Department to help the company find the best employees.

And, you also can do this from home. You can interview the applicants by using the online video call. Check the applicant’s CV and job applications through your email and computer.

Of course, you also might have to meet the applicants directly to see whether they are suitable for Amazon and the department or position they chose.

The positions you can get in the HR department at Amazon are human resource assistant, recruiter, human resources manager, recruiting coordinator, and benefits specialist.

As you can see, this position requires you to have experience and a specific degree.

Therefore, it might not be a good position for you who want to find a work-from-home type job for extra income. But, if you are graduated with degrees related to human resources and have a problem finding a job, try this position.

Communication skills, written or verbal, are also essential to have for everyone who wants to work as a member of the Amazon human resource department.

The science of psychology might also be necessary, as you have to be able to read and guest the personality of the applicants. It helps you a lot to see the people that can work diligently and have a low chance to break the law and damage the company.

You can find more information about the requirement and the experiences you must have before you apply to the human resource department on the Amazon job page.

9.) Amazon Marketing 

What jobs does amazon have from home with the highest popularity? The answer is the marketing department. As one of the biggest online stores you can find today, Amazon put so many resources into this department.

Marketing is not only necessary to spread information about Amazon services to the world.

It also works as a bridge that connects the customer with the company. In short, the customer will know that Amazon still exists and care for them.

This department worked hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. The change in people’s buying habits, from offline to almost-fully online, makes Amazon receive so many orders.

The marketing department needs to utilize that moment to promote more products, which is beneficial for the company’s growth. In the end, many customers buy more products and new customers visit Amazon to use the service.

At the Amazon marketing department, you can apply for several positions, such as marketing coordinator, marketing manager, brand specialist, and social and digital media manager.

All those positions hold a significant role to create a successful marketing campaign for each platform, online and offline.

Furthermore, all the marketing campaigns are doable through an online platform.

For example, you can promote the product through social media. Or, you can hire an influencer with millions of followers to promote Amazon services.

That will help the campaign reach more people and market. Best of all, you can do this task from your home. As long as you have a computer and a good internet connection, you are ready to work.

Of course, a computer and internet connection is not the only thing you need to work in this department. Skills are also essential.

As the leader in online shopping today, marketing members of Amazon must have strong critical thinking skills.

It helps you to make the best decision on what kind of promotion campaign or style you should do to produce a better result. Knowledge about social media and online platforms is also necessary because you will use it a lot on your job.

10.) IT Support Engineering

The IT support team is the core of Amazon. They are the ones responsible for the smooth process of the transaction and service that Amazon has been giving to the customer now.

What does the IT support team do? The member of the IT support team ensures that the Amazon website and its system work perfectly without any problems. This team is an essential part of Amazon’s service because they also deal with customer data.

As we all know, Amazon is one of the online stores with the best customer data protection.

Therefore, customers can buy and make a transaction at this store without worries. To keep that safe, the IT team needs to work behind the scenes and prevent any attack that could harm the customers and Amazon itself.

Some of the positions available for work-from-home at the Amazon IT support engineering department are network engineer, IT technician, network support engineer, and IT system engineer.

This position is only available for you who have mastered the skill and knowledge in this field. Therefore, Amazon will accept those who have a degree in, at least, IT technology.

If you have them, you can apply for this job at Amazon.

11.) Amazon Flex

What is Amazon Flex? It is a delivery job to deliver the product that customers order to their locations. Yes, this one is not a work-from-home job.

However, you still have more freedom than when you work from home with Amazon Flex.

How? This job allows you to create a schedule. So, you can adjust it to match your time and, maybe, other jobs that you have. It means you can even decide to work for two days in a week and take a day off the rest of it.

Of course, the payment will depend on how many hours you spend working.

What is your job here? It is simple. You go to the Amazon warehouse, take the product that is ready to ship, and then deliver it to the recipient location.

Of course, you also should use your vehicle to do this. So, keep your vehicle in good condition and top performance. Also, provide a budget to buy the fuel for your vehicle.

How much can I get from Amazon Flex? It is all depending on your location. The average income for those who work in this part is around $18 to $25 per hour.

With that benefits and features, Amazon Flex could be one of the alternatives for you who need extra income. Do it on your days off to get more money.

12.) Amazon Sales

This job is one of the positions in the marketing department. But, we put it here because it has a specific charm that allows you to work differently than those who are in the marketing department.

As its name implies, your task here is selling products and Amazon services. Unlike the salesperson in the past that have to visit the potential client’s house door-by-door, you can use the internet to do all those tiring processes.

Therefore, we include it in this work-from-home list. To work well in this department, you must have a passion for selling. More importantly, you also need a working and effective selling strategy.

It sounds difficult and needs a high education to create that kind of strategy. But, you are wrong. Many people who work in sales for Amazon don’t have a degree.

They use the experience and knowledge they get from the internet and other resources to create a strategy that fits their selling style.

Of course, to make you look professional; you need several things that will assist you to sell the product from Amazon. For example, you should have a business email address, government ID, tax information, active phone number, and bank account.

Each of them will help customers to know that you are a trusted person. Plus, those ID and email will help you get a better reputation when you have to face a competitor.

As for skills, you need content creation, design skills, and writing skills. They are necessary to create the marketing content that you will send through email to your clients.

You also might need good verbal communication skills, as there is a time when you have to speak directly to your clients through phone or video calls. Combine them all with the selling strategy that you like, you will get the best result. How much can I get from this job? The average pay for Amazon sales is around $13 per hour.

If you can make more sales, you will also get more commission. So, you can see that number as the lowest income you can get from working normally as Amazon sales.

How to Apply for a Work-from-Home Job at Amazon?

Now, you know several types of jobs you can get from Amazon, where you can do it from your home. Next, you should know how to apply for those jobs.

Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to submit your application. Decide what kind of job you want to apply for. Make sure the job is the field that you like and master.

That way you will have a better chance to get hired.

  1. Visit Amazon.jobs.
  2. On the “Find jobs” search bar, type the job that you want to apply for and the location where you will work or live.
  3. Wait a bit and the result will appear. Some jobs might not be available in certain areas. If you get this result, you might want to change the area where you want to work.
  4. From the list on the result page, find the job that you like. You can click the “Read More” link at the bottom of the job description to read more information about the requirement and other things regarding that job. Make sure you read them all.
  5. Once you know you are qualified for that job, you can click the “Apply Now” button on the top part of the page, right beside the job name.
  6. You should use your Amazon Jobs account to continue to the next steps.
  7. If you have no account, popup windows will appear that allows you to create a new account. So, click the “Create Account” button and follow the instructions.
  8. Once you have signed in, you will need to complete all information required to apply for that job. It is including: Contact information, General question, Educations, Work Eligibility, And other options you need to fill up.

Note: Make sure you make a good resume because Amazon will use it to filter and scan the applicants. A good resume will give you a better chance to pass this first scanning process, and move to the next steps to apply and get the job.

After you complete all the requirements, you only need to click the Submit button to send your job applications. You might have to wait for several weeks before you get a reply to your application.

If you are hired, Amazon will inform you through the Contact Information that you submit during the process above. Then, you can start working from home at Amazon.


Work from home might sound too simple. But, when you work from home at Amazon, the biggest online store in the world, that will be the best thing you can get.

What jobs does amazon have from home? You already know the answer, right?