10 Types of Work from Home Part-Time Jobs for Students Without Investment

Taking a part-time job as a student may limit your study and relaxing time, but it also gives you a lot of benefits. For instance, you can earn extra money, experience, boost your confidence, and many more.  

Working is a bit easier right now because some companies allow their employees to work from home due to the condition. Don’t underestimate it because some billionaires started their work from home at a young age.

The list of work from home part time jobs for students without investment below will help you.

Work from Home Part Time Jobs for Students Without Investment

1.) Developing Software 

Do you learn anything about software, technology, coding, and many more? If so, why don’t you practice the knowledge you get from your study.

You can start to develop software while studying. It is one of the recommended part-time jobs because you can work anywhere, including from home.

The time to develop software is also flexible. Don’t underestimate this part-time job because you can be a billionaire because of it.

Jan Koum and Brian Acton are examples. Both of them developed WhatsApp even as unemployed.

Incredibly, it has become the most popular free instant messaging service. Facebook even bought this application in 2014.

Imagine that both of them earn up to $9.1 billion. This job is also popular nowadays because companies want to grab more customers.

One of them is by offering potential customers an app or software that can help them. 

2.) Developing Games 

You can reach your dream to be a game developer from now. It doesn’t matter if you are still a student. As long as you can produce attractive games, people will buy and play the game.

Just like developing software, you can develop a game at home while working on your assignments. It will be great if you take the same major with the thing you are about to develop.

Markus Persson can be one of your inspirations to develop a game even if you are only a student. Persson successfully developed one of the most famous games in the world, Minecraft.

At first, Persson also did this job as his part-time job while working with a photo-sharing company. He may not expect that Minecraft will be as big as today.

Imagine that Microsoft bought this gaming program in 2015 for $2.5 billion. Minecraft started to reach popularity and was downloaded over 100 million times.

Markus Persson earned over $700 million since launching this game in 2011.

It sounds interesting, right? So, instead of wasting your time, start to develop your game and wait for something big to come. 

3.) Designing Fashion Items

Some of you may know a brand known as Spanx. This brand is owned by Sara Blakely.

The thing that you may not know is that Blakely develops Spanx, a footless pantyhose as a part-time job.

At that time, her main job was as a door-to-door saleswoman for fax machines and office supplies. Imagine how busy and exhausted Blakely was.

Yet, she had a dream to create a more comfortable garb, so she used her off hours to develop a product.

Interestingly, Blakely developed her product at home. She launched her products in 2000.

Surprisingly, Sara Blakely’s net worth was $1.19 billion in 2016.

It is a great inspiration for fashion design students or students who love to design fashion items to create something in their off hours.

We never know what will happen until we try it. Imagine if you have a great future like Sara Blakely only from your part-time job.  

4.) Online Tutor 

Do you like to share the knowledge you have with others? If so, how about working as a part-time online tutor?

You are not only about to get money from this job but also help a lot of students who have difficulty understanding specific subjects.

It will be great if you are mastering some most difficult subjects, such as physics, math, chemistry, calculus, foreign languages, and others.

It is also flexible work from home part time jobs for students without investment.

You only need to have a stable internet connection and books that support the teaching process. The working schedule is also flexible and you can set it up with your students.

By working for an hour up to 3 hours, you may earn approximately $13 to $20 per hour.

No one knows if you can build a professional tutor company in the future. Tim Urban and Andrew Finn may inspire you to do this part-time job now.

Tim Urban ran ArborBridge in 2007 as an in-person tutoring business. Then, Andrew Finn came to help him.

Both of them shifted the system into an online tutoring business due to the rise of the Internet. Now, this company has become one of the best online tutoring businesses.

Their educational services cover not only students in the U.S. but also students around the world.

This company offers SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Test preparation, ISEE, and SSAT preparation.

5.) Freelance Writer

Those who love to write can use this skill to make money.

Nowadays, companies are even looking for writers to create content for their websites, social media accounts, landing pages, promotions, press releases, and many more.

Students who love to write fiction can also use trusted platforms that offer online novels.

You can write articles or novels during your off hours as a student. A professional and successful writer, such as Stephen King, started his writing career at 16 years old.

He began sending articles to magazines.

After so many rejections, Comics Review Magazine accepted his story entitled I Was a Teenage Graverobber.

Stephen King keeps writing and earns up to $500 million from his best-selling books.

Imagine that King started his writing career as a freelance writer. One thing is for sure, he didn’t stop writing only because of the rejections.

Nowadays, publishing your writings is easier and faster compared to Stephen King’s era.

There are so many online platforms that facilitate you to share your articles or stories.

Most platforms help writers to make money from their writings. In the U.S. a professional freelance writer earns up to $61.000 per year.

6.) Web Designers 

You are lucky if you learn web design and have sufficient knowledge about it.

Not all website owners can design their websites well. You can offer your skills and knowledge and become a part-time web designer.

It is also one of the recommended part-time jobs for students who want to work from home.

Ensure that you finish the project based on the deadline and fill all the requests your clients want on the web.

Indeed, a lot of people need your skills and services due to the rise of the internet and online business.

As a part-time web designer, you should learn from successful web designers to get motivation and inspiration.

Mark Wheeler is one of the professional designers every beginner web designer should know. Mark Wheeler is an art director at Microsoft.

His design characteristic is a futuristic style. Wheeler also specializes in user experience, interactions, and convenient interfaces.

You can also take other professional designers, such as Kritika Kushwaha, Olga Shevchenko, Kimi Lewis, and Anton Repponen as your inspirator to start a job as a part-time web designer and be a professional in the future.

According to Indeed, a freelance web designer’s net worth is around $61.000 per year. 

7.) Online Influencer 

An online influencer is a new job with the rise of social media platforms and the internet.

It becomes a popular and promising job because brands and marketers need an influencer to promote new products and services.

An influencer is a great part-time job if you have a lot of followers or subscribers on your social media accounts.

Indeed, working as an online influencer is flexible and you can do it during your off hours as a student. The rate of an online influencer depends on the number of followers and subscribers you have.

The more organic followers you have on your social media account, the higher the money you get. Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? His main job is as a professional football player.

Ronaldo even becomes the most popular player in the world.

Nowadays, Cristiano Ronaldo is not only earning money from football but also his side hustle as an online influencer.

With over 468M followers on Instagram, this guy can earn around $880.259 to $1M per post.

His popularity and skills attract many big brands to endorse. It seems worth it because anytime Ronaldo posts content, it receives a lot of likes from his followers.

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo receives over 3.000.000 likes after posting his short video as a Clear brand ambassador.

So, why don’t you try to be an influencer in your free time as a student? You only have to post attractive content regularly to gain more followers.

Then, you can offer your endorsement service. You can use the money to cover your needs while being a student, right?

As a beginner influencer with 1000 followers, you may get $5 to $10 per post.

Influencers who have up to 30.000 followers may charge around $150 to $300 per sponsored post they publish. 

8.) Becoming a Freelancer at Fiverr 

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for digital services.

This platform facilitates you to offer anything you want, including graphics and design, digital products, writing, translation, video, animation, music, and many more.

As a beginner freelancer at Fiverr, you can earn at least $5 per gig or project you have finished.

There are so many people who work at Fiverr as a freelancer. Morissa is one of them. Imagine that Morissa has been a Fiverr seller since high school.

It means that she worked when she was a student. Morissa focuses on writing, editing, and proofreading gigs.

Imagine that she had to stay up until 4:00 a.m. to finish her project. Nowadays, Morissa becomes a best-selling author and runs her publishing company.

Indeed, Morissa can be your role model if you want to find a work-from-home part-time job while being a student.

Best of all, you don’t need to have a lot of money only to start working at Fiverr. You only should have skills, knowledge, and a strong will to finish gigs from this platform. 

9.) Becoming a Cartoonist and Illustrator 

Don’t underestimate your drawing skills because they can help you to make money.

You can improve your skill by learning about drawing software and any tools to get a better drawing.

Then, try to be a part-time cartoonist or illustrator. Some companies don’t force you to go to the office.

As long as you commit to finishing the project on time and fill all the requirements, you can do this job anywhere you want, including at home.

The key is time management. You should manage your time to study and draw well, so you don’t get exhausted.

Indeed, you can get a lot of money from working as a cartoonist. Walter Elias Disney is one of the richest cartoonists in the world.

He developed Walt Disney Studios which led him to earn up to $5 billion.

He uses the studio to produce phenomenal animation movies, including Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi.

Some movies become legendary and people watch them until today.

Indeed, Walt Disney will inspire you to become a part-time cartoonist or illustrator right now and improve it to be a professional job in the future. 

10.) Becoming Voiceover Artist 

Some companies need a voiceover artist for their films, ads, and other audio-visual products.

They need a voiceover artist to cover the languages for foreign audiences. On a small level, you can voice over your project at home and send the result back to the client.

It is a great part-time job opportunity for those who have a unique voice. Melvin Jerome Blanc or also known as Mel Blanc is one of the most successful voiceover artists.

Bugs Bunny lovers should be familiar with the line “eh… what’s up, Doc?”. Yes! It was the voice of Mel Blanc.

This guy even voices all male Warner Bros characters, such as Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn, and Yosemite Sam.

Matt Stone is another example of a successful voiceover artist. His salary net worth as a voiceover artist is up to $700 million.

This earning puts them as the richest voiceover artist nowadays.     


Tips to Get the First Job as a Part-Time Worker 

Knowing work from home part time jobs for students without investment is not enough if you want to get a part-time job.

You also should know how to get your first part-time job and be ready to accomplish it. The tips to find your first part-time job as a student below will help you. 

1.) Manage Your Schedule 

As a student, you have a tight schedule. Ensure that you manage your schedule before finding your part-time job.

Managing your study schedule makes you know when you have free hours to do the job.

It helps you to determine the number of hours you want to work. You can also consider the deadline so the process doesn’t disturb your study and vice versa.

Best of all, you still have time to rest. As long as you think you can handle the project, take it!


Morissa, who works part-time at Fiverr, stays up until 04.00 a.m. to finish a project. 

2.) Update Your Resume and Online Profiles 

Updating your resume and online profile is crucial. It helps potential companies that want to hire you to know about your condition and schedule.

Indeed, the companies can directly contact you by only seeing your profile.

Ensure that you give the latest profile. Change and update your profile right away anytime there are changes.

It is also important to update your social media profiles. Let people know your:

  • qualifications
  • skills, and
  • experience

Some companies check your social media history.

That’s why ensure that you delete or hide any posts, photos, videos, and content that may reduce your chance to get a job.

Because you want to find a part-time job you can do at home, show that you are familiar with certain software related to the job.

For example, a designer or illustrator may explain that they are familiar with photoshop and other programs.

It is necessary to explain other activities you do while applying for the part-time job. 

3.) Contact Your Network 

Check your mobile phone contact. The numbers on the phone contacts are a precious asset.

Some of them may give you information about part-time jobs. The network includes friends, family members, colleagues, professors, and many more.

Don’t be ashamed to contact them first and ask whether they have any part-time positions or not. At least, they know that you are looking for a part-time job, so they will inform you anytime they have information. 

4.) Check Job Vacancy Sites 

Nowadays, looking for job vacancies is easy and fast. You can visit reputable online job vacancy websites. This trick is effective and faster since you can categorize the jobs based on your needs.

You only have to change the type of the job from a full-time job to a part-time job. Other categories you can set when using an online job vacancy site are including:

  • location,
  • salary,
  • position,
  • degree,

Alternatively, you can also find the information from other platforms, such as the yellow pages or student job boards.

The more job vacancy sites, the bigger a chance to get a part-time job just like what you want. 

5.) Classify Part-Time Jobs You Love and Want to Do

Make the searching process effective by classifying the part-time job based on your favorite and want to do.

It ensures that you will only get the part-time job listing you want. Continue the process by researching the job functions and the company’s culture.

It is important to get this information to ensure that it matches your values.

For example, some people love to work in a more formal atmosphere, and others love to work in a more casual atmosphere.

You will not know about it without checking the company profile, employee reviews, and others. The easiest way to find the information is by visiting the official website.

Take your time to explore the website to get the crucial information you want to know.

Send your application letter only if you are sure that the company meets your classification. 

6.) Highlight Your Contribution to the Company 

Despite your wanting to work as a part-time employee, you still have to explain how you can contribute to the company.

Remember to show the company that you meet all their requirements. Then, describe the project you have done.

In case you don’t have any work experience yet, show the company that you have skills and knowledge that help the working process.

It is also great if you include a portfolio from your previous part time job if there is any. Make it as effective as it can.

So, include all the information that is related to the jobs you want to apply for and leave the information that doesn’t have any correlation with the job or company. 

7.) Keeping Track of Your Job Applications 

There is a case where you don’t get any reply from the company after waiting for it for a few weeks. Keep track of your job application if you think that you are choosing the best company and job.

You can contact customer service, send a message via email, and others.

This trick is not only to know the status of your application letter but also to ensure the company that you are proactive and want to get a part-time job.

It is so crucial to do if you are looking for work from home part time jobs for students without investment.


Companies also want to ensure that the new employees can finish their job well.

Most companies aren’t sure that a student can handle and finish a project due to their tight study schedule.  

8.) Ensure that You are Available and Ready to Finish the Job 

Indeed, you need extra effort to ensure the company hires a student. The company knows that students have a lot of assignments to do.

Your schedule is not as free as other unemployed candidates. Because of that, ensure that you are available and ready to finish the job.

Explain it in your job application or interview. If it is necessary, you can show your schedule management to the interviewers.

This trick also helps a company to understand your schedule and the way you will handle the project. It shows that you have a clear vision of the job you want to finish.

On the other hand, you should also explain when you can’t work.

For example, you will handle the project on the weekend from the morning to the afternoon, but you can’t handle it at night.

The clearer the availability of the information you give to the company, the easier the company to decide whether they want to hire you or not. 

9.) Show your Commitment 

Most companies worry when hiring a student for a part-time position. This position often has a high turnover because the employees don’t want to stay longer.

Companies love to hire a candidate who wants to work part-time longer compared to candidates who only work temporarily.

That’s why you should commit that you will work based on the contract and focus on accomplishing any job you get from the company.


10.) Take the Interview Seriously 

Even if the interviewers want to interview you online, you should take it seriously. For example, you still have to dress appropriately for the job interview.

Ensure that you wear a formal suit if you don’t know the dress code for the interview.

Wearing a formal or appropriate dress shows the interviewer that you are serious about applying for the job.


Not all companies want to hire a student for a part-time job. You should use the opportunity to show your ability that you are a classified candidate for the job.

Be ready at least 15 minutes before the interview. Prepare anything that helps you to relax, such as water, candy, and many more.

Say greeting once you meet the interviewer and keep eye contact. Ensure that your internet connection is stable.

Then, speak clearly and politely. Keep smiling and your positive body language. This trick can cover your nervousness and improve your confidence. 

11.) Ask for A Short-Term Job 

Companies often offer long part-time jobs. Ask for a short part-time job if you can. A short part-time job can be a few days, weeks, or months.

It allows a company to examine your working performance and consider whether they have to keep you or find a new candidate.

Best of all, some companies consider taking you to work in a permanent position, especially if the company is satisfied with your performance and they need a permanent employee. 

Tips to Start Work from Home as A Student 

Imagine that you have a part-time job now. So, what should you do to accomplish the job?

The tips to start work from home as a student below may help you to be more productive and finish the job maximally.     

1.) Strict to the Schedule You Have Set 

The first thing you should do is see the schedule you have made before. Strict to the schedule while finishing the job.

You can even continue to finish the job if you have free time outside the study hours.

Doing the job based on the schedule shows that you commit. The company often gives a deadline based on the schedule you have given.

2.) Wear Working Outfit Even if You are Working from Home 

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you work while lying on the bed.

You should create a working atmosphere in your room. That’s why you have to manage your bed, take a bath, and wear your working outfit.

Create a working space at home and work there. This trick will keep you focused on doing the job. You feel that you are working even if you are working from home. 

3.) Choose the Best Spot for Working at Home 

Choosing the best spot for working at home is also necessary. Ensure that the spot is bright and comfortable enough.

You can use it to work on the balcony, the corner of your bedroom, and other areas. Then, move the furniture and items you need to work there and set up a cozy home office.

Once again, you have to set your mind that you are working at home. This trick is effective enough to keep you productive and finish the job on time or even before the deadline. 

4.) Prepare Your Gadget 

Since you are working from home, your gadgets are so crucial to support your work.

Ensure that all the gadgets are in a good condition and active. Then, install all programs you will need to work on.

Check the expired or the latest version of the programs. Update to the latest version if there is any.

It keeps your working process smooth. You don’t have to waste time installing programs during your working time.

It includes checking the internet connection at home. Replace the internet provider if it doesn’t give a stable connection. 

5.) Be Consistent 

It is time for you to do the part-time job consistently at home. Remember to be strict with the schedule every day until the project is complete.

It is not only to ensure that you can finish the job but also to ensure that you have enough rest.

Imagine how busy you are right now because you are a student with a lot of assignments and a tight schedule, but you still have to finish a specific project from your part-time job. 


That’s it! Now you understand the reason why you have to find work-from-home part-time jobs and types of the work from home part time jobs for students without investment.

The result will be worth it to cover your expenses as a student. Slowly but surely, you will have better time and money management.

So, try to get a part-time job while you are a student now.

The point is that there is always a chance for a student to get a good part-time job even without investment and experience.