When your Left Hand Itches What does It Mean?

We are surrounded by superstitious notions all of our lives. Some of these superstitions, which range from smashing mirrors to wearing a rabbit’s foot, bring good luck while others bring bad.

I bet we all wish we could have a little bit better luck when it comes to money. One fortunate thing I discovered while growing up was that when your left palm itches, money is about to enter your life.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches?

The explanation of the left hand itching, according to my astute young mum, is that you are soon to become wealthy.

Right to give, left to receive!

This good fortune you are going to experience could take on a variety of shapes and sizes.

Either you may win $1 billion in the lottery or you could stumble over a bright quarter on the ground.

Tomorrow, the dresser you’ve been trying to sell online for the longest time might get an offer, or you might get a surprise pay increase at work.

If you believe, the options are limitless.

Naturally, I wouldn’t make any hasty life changes based on the expectation of receiving money in my itchy left palm, but some people have reported success with this absurd superstition.

The tale of Mary Shammas is one such example.

In 2010, Mary Shammas received a $64 million prize. She had a really itching left hand and was taking the bus home in Brooklyn, New York.

She then exited the bus and walked to the lottery ticket store.

Because of how badly her left palm was itching, she assumed it must be significant, and she was right.

She hit the million dollar mark that night. She won using her preferred lottery numbers, claims Fox News (5, 14, 17, 19, 24, & 25).

However, my mother also informed me that everyone receives a distinct kind of luck.

You must keep track of what occurs in the days after an itching sensation in your palms in order to determine yours.

It’s also said that in order to improve your luck, have someone scratch your lucky palm with their opposing hand.

In other words, ask someone to use their right hand to scratch your itchy left hand. Scratching it against a piece of wood can also bring you luck.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches?

Your right hand itchiness is the unfortunate symbol if your left hand is the lucky one.

If your right palm itches, you might be ready to suffer a financial loss. It might occur when you have unanticipated expenses or when your payments are due.

This implies that if your refrigerator stops working or your automobile breaks down unexpectedly, you’ll need to call a repairman right away.

A case of an itching right hand generally indicates poor financial fortune, unless it’s your giving hand.

This is an excellent moment to stress how important it is to put money aside in case things go wrong. Making a budget and an emergency fund is easy to do.

What Do Itchy Palms Mean? (Medical Reason)

Do you have a superstition? According to a 2019 YouGov survey, the majority of Americans who believe in superstitions are between the ages of 25 and 34, making up around 1 in 4 Americans overall.

If you are not among those people who believe in superstitions, itchy hands can just be that.

Healthline states that having itchy palms could indicate:

  • Dry skin
  • Skin damage
  • Allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Diabetes

The meaning can be very different, though, if you have an itchy left palm (or irritable right palm), and you consider yourself to be spiritual.

Different civilizations claim that itching on one palm indicates financial gain and itching on the other palm indicates financial loss.

What Does Itching Mean Spiritually?

There is obviously something to be said about this superstition from a religious perspective. Regarding scratchy hands, the Bible states:

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

This suggests that the left hand receives while the right hand gives; Another passage, though, might be read the other way around:

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

Perhaps the right hand is the giving and receiving hand? The right hand itch could still portend good fortune for both getting and benevolently donating money.

The left hand, though, can also indicate donating or losing money—just not in a charitable sense.

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is a symbol of fortune, abundance, fertility, and success.

In India, people think that when your left palm itches, the Goddess is leaving you.

So, left to give, right to receive. For a female, the meaning of the itching in the left hand is different.

She is said to be lucky if her left palm itches, yet if her right hand itches, she will lose money.

Faith is incredibly powerful. Take a look at these potent financial affirmations for manifesting money through the law of attraction to banish your doubts and maintain your positivity.

What Are Your Itchy Palms A Sign Of?

Which view do you hold? Do you believe that itching in your left or right hand indicates an impending financial windfall?

Or do you think they are only folklore and superstitions? Please explain why your left palm is itching in the comments section below.

No matter what, it doesn’t hurt to have faith in luck. If there are no repercussions, in my opinion, having this kind of optimism is beneficial.

I wonder if the right or left palm of my hand itched on that day or any of the days prior to when I lost my wallet. I wish I had known to be extra cautious that day.

For a short recap, see my web story about my itchy left hand.

Other Superstitions about Body Parts

Are you curious as to why certain body areas may itch? Other superstitions include the following:

Itchy eyes: An itchy right eye indicates good fortune, whereas an itchy left eye indicates bad fortune.

Itchy chin: Itching on the chin is said to occur prior to major life changes.

Lip itching: You’re being teased or someone is getting ready to kiss you.

Itchy forehead: Itching on your forehead could be a sign of good fortune or illness.

Itchy thumb: Itching thumbs can imply receiving money like the rest of your hand, but for some people, itching thumbs is a warning sign of evil.

Left eyebrow itching: Itching in both brows is a positive sign. By itself, your right brow may itch when you meet someone, whereas your left brow may itch when you encounter someone who wishes you harm.

Itchy index finger: The rest of your hand, including your irritating index finger, is typically clustered together.

Itchy ring finger: This could be a sign that you will marry soon.

Itching feet: Itchy feet indicate that you are going to embark on an adventure.

Itchy neck: An sickness in the family may be indicated by an itchy neck.

Itchy back: This may indicate that you will experience disappointment or have your ambitions derailed.

Right knee itching: If your right knee itches, your voyage will be cheerful; if your left knee itches, your journey will not be happy.

Itchy nose: You’ll soon have company or meet a new individual, according to your itchy nose.

Itchy elbows: This could mean finding a new partner or strengthening an existing relationship, whether it be romantic or professional.

Itchy wrist: Wrist itching can also indicate financial success or loss. It might also be a sign to set boundaries with others (right wrist) or to unwind and let nature take its course (left wrist).

Other Money Superstitions

Now that you’re aware that an itchy left palm indicates money, you can also be on the lookout for other indicators.

I’ve heard of numerous financial superstitions in my culture, ranging from weird behaviors to signals and nightmares.

Here are some more financial examples:

1.) Bird Poop is Good Luck

I’m not sure why, but I always heard growing up that having a bird poop on you is lucky and will bring you money. I’m going to pass on the bird poop, I suppose!

Although I might be tempted to try my luck if a bird does manage to poop on me.

2.) Penny on the Floor

Any currency that is face up on the ground, including pennies, should be picked up and placed in your pocket as a good luck charm.

If the coin is found with its tails up, you must give it to someone else right away in order to be lucky.

3.) Putting your Purse on the Floor

Leaving your bag on the ground is seen to be unlucky, and doing so will result in financial loss.

Consider this: There are several germs on the floor.

Placing your money in such a location is insulting to it and must communicate to the universe that you don’t value it.