Types of Jobs You Can Apply as a Fresher with No Experience

So, what kind of jobs for freshers without experience can you apply for? Knowing the right types of jobs can help you to get the job easier and faster.

Some jobs are designed for employees with no experience, but other jobs are designed only for those who have experience.

The list of below may help you!

Jobs that Accept Freshers with No Experience

1.) Legal Assistant 

Say you are a fresh graduate majoring in law and don’t have any experience yet. Find companies that are looking for a legal assistant. This job often doesn’t require too much experience.

All you need is excellent writing skills. Companies also prefer to hire candidates with great organizational skills. You may earn around $46.452 per year from being a legal assistant. 

2.) Real Estate Agent 

Being a real estate agent is also another alternative if you don’t have any working experience. Nevertheless, ensure that you have excellent public speaking skills. It helps you a lot to communicate and influence your clients.

A skillful real estate agent can earn up to $51.879 per year for selling houses to clients. You can also improve your skills first by following short online courses. 

3.) Order Clerk 

This job is also easy for freshers with no work experience. Your job as an order clerk is to receive and process orders for merchandise, services, and goods. An order clerk also has to check out all data, including credit card and address information. 

Due to the job description, companies prefer to hire candidates who can operate Excel. Follow short online courses to support your resume. You may earn up to $35.100 per year by working as an order clerk.  

4.) Medical Biller 

Do you want to work in an insurance company? If so, you can apply for a medical biller. It is considered one of the easiest jobs for freshers without experience. Your job as a medical biller is to communicate between insurance companies and a doctor’s office.

Because of that, you need to have good communication skills to deliver the message well. The annual salary of a medical biller is around $36.398. 

5.) Administrative Assistant 

You may do a variety of jobs as an administrative assistant, including scheduling, preparing paperwork, receiving phone calls, replying to emails, and others. Best of all, you don’t need to have work experience to handle the job. 

Due to the tasks you have to accomplish, you should be a multitasking person. Other skills you should have to get this job are including computers, Excel, Microsoft Office, and others.

An administrative assistant achieves up to $44.950 per year. It is worth it to try to get experience while finding a new job. 

6.) Promotions Assistant 

A promotions assistant often represents the company and coordinates people. This job is perfect for those who are extroverted, personable and have a good work ethic.

You will meet a lot of people with different characteristics while doing this job. The annual salary as a promotions assistant is around $45.550.               

7.) Public Relations Assistant 

Do you like to meet others and talk with them? If so, you can apply for a public relations assistant position. You don’t need to get confused about working experience. Companies often don’t consider your working experience. 

All they want is that you can build a good relationship with clients. As an assistant, you can learn a lot from your leader. Companies prefer to hire candidates with good common sense, interpersonal skills, and attitude. This job helps you to earn up to $45.498 per year. 

Tricks to Get a Job Even If You Don’t Have Any Working Experience 

Based on the report, 43 percent of freshers in the United States have no job experience. They even ask how to get jobs for freshers without experience. So, can you get a job as a fresher without experience? 

The good news is that you can get a job even if you don’t have any experience yet. Indeed, you should follow the right steps to make the process a little bit easier. The information below will discuss anything you need to find a job as a fresher without any working experience.    

Tricks to Get a Job Even If You Don’t Have Any Working Experience 

1.) Focus on the Skills the Employer Want 

Forget about job experience and focus on the skills the employer wants. Identify it through the job description. The company may not write the skills they want from a new employee, but you can get them by yourself. 

Focus on the projects you have completed and the skills you have. For example, a company is looking for a content writer. Luckily, you love to write and you have an example of your writing. You may try to apply for this job vacancy. 

Explain that you have writing skills and show your blogs, websites, or articles you have written. Highlight the skills that the company may need. The idea is to customize your job resume to fit the job vacancy you want to apply for. 

2.) Show Your Academic Experience 

Another precious thing in applying for a job without experience is academic experience. It is related to your projects in class, presentations, internships, and any individual work you have completed. Highlight the academic experience that fits with the job you are about to apply for. 

For instance, you can include your data report and record projects using Excel, designs using Photoshop, and many more. Don’t be ashamed to explain that you became a leader in a specific project in class or a host of a specific event. 

It shows that you have leadership and public speaking skills. You can even put the list of academic experience at the top of your resume below the contact info and summary paragraph. This trick will make the interviewers see things you can do first once they open your application letter despite you not having any job experience. 

3.) Consider Joining Online Courses and Achieving Certifications 

Say you don’t have any experience or enough academic experience. Is it possible for you to get a job? Isn’t easy for you to get a job in this situation. One of the effective solutions is by following online courses that meet the job vacancy requirements. 

Remember to join courses that give you certifications. So, besides achieving the skills, you also have proof that you want to upgrade yourself. In this case, you can learn skills that most companies need, such as marketing, sales, web design, coding, and many more. 

This trick takes time, but it is worth it for freshers without experience to find a job. At least, you can use the skills you get from the courses to customize your resume just like the first and second trick above. 

4.) Send Your Application Letter Even if the Companies Don’t Hire or Have a Relevant Position

It doesn’t matter if you want to send an application letter to companies that don’t hire or don’t have a relevant position. As long as you want to work there, send your application letter! So, what is the advantage of doing this trick? Does it worth it to do it? 

This trick reduces tight competition. Imagine if you have to compete with other job seekers. The recruitment team will check the company’s email regularly. They may open your email and read it if they need. 

The truth is that some companies actively recruit recent graduates or freshers without any work experience. It means that you win the start compared to other job seekers. Remember to tailor your resume before sending it to companies. 

5.) Use Your Network 

Don’t be ashamed to ask your friends or former classmates who already found jobs. Ask them whether their companies are hiring more people without work experience or not.

It is also an effective trick because some companies prefer looking for new employees based on the recommendation of their former employees. 

6.) Use Online Platforms 

Nowadays, there are many online platforms for job seekers. A platform such as LinkedIn is so powerful because some companies are looking for new candidates there.

Ensure to complete your profile on the platform you are using. The more detailed your profile, the bigger your chance to get a call from interviewers. 

7.) Follow Up Your Application Letter 

Be active! In case you don’t get any reply from the company in five business days, send a follow-up. It is something that most job seekers don’t do, yet this trick gives a significant impact.

This trick also shows that you have a strong will to work in the company. 

8.) Preparing a Job Interview for Freshers without Work Experience 

Only because you don’t have work experience doesn’t mean that you say anything in the job interview. Indeed, you have to assure the interviewer that you are one of the best candidates even without any work experience.

So, what can you do in a job interview if you don’t have any work experience? 

9.) Do Research 

The first thing to prepare before a job interview is searching for any information about the company. Interviewers often impress candidates who know about their company.

It is basic information and knowledge you should bring in front of the interviewers if you don’t have any work experience.  

10.) Explain the Way You Help the Company 

Interviewers will ask the way you help to grow the company. They will ask the same thing even if you don’t have any work experience. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t say anything. Focus on the skills you have and explain them on the resume. 

Explain to them that you will help the company to grow using your skills. Show your projects and works that are related to the jobs you want to apply for if it is necessary. This trick helps to ensure the interviewers that you are a perfect candidate for the position. 

Recommended Websites to Find a Job for Freshers without Work Experience 

1.) LinkedIn 

It is known as one of the most popular networking sites that also connects to a lot of jobs. You only have to go to the jobs tab and type a specific keyword or job title you want to apply.

Interestingly, you can filter the jobs by the experience level. Choose fresh graduates or without experience to meet jobs that are suitable for you. 

2.) Glassdoor 

Glassdoor also facilitates people who want to look for a job. This website gives precious information you need as a job seeker, such as company reviews and salary. Use the information to evaluate whether you want to work there or not. If so, the information will be useful in the interview session.

Remember! Companies often pay attention to candidates who know about them well even if they don’t have any experience yet. 

3.) Google for Jobs 

Google as one of the biggest search engine companies in the world even supports job seekers to find the best job. Just like a job of a search engine, Google for Jobs compiles listings from many different sources. It is an effective platform to get the list of the jobs you want to apply for.

You can even narrow the search based on the type of job, location, company, date posted, and experience level. 

4.) Indeed

Job seekers also love to use Indeed to find a job. This website provides a variety of job vacancies from any experience level, including jobs for freshers without experience. You only have to filter and narrow the result based on your classifications.

Just like Glassdoor, Indeed is also showing employer reviews, company profiles, and salary information for job seekers. 

5.) Career Builder 

People can find jobs easier with Career Builder. This platform creates an app, so job seekers can check the latest job vacancies only from their mobile devices. A specific feature, such as a recommended skills feature is valuable for job seekers.

Remember! As a fresher without work experience, showing your skills to the company is crucial. It can be one of the company’s considerations to call you for an interview. 

So, don’t give up on your condition. The information above explains that there are jobs for freshers without experience. All you have to do is try harder and improve your skills.

The higher your skills, the better the job you get. Indeed, it is also good for your future career.