Does Waste Management Employ Felons?

There is no exact statement from the company’s representative on whether they hire felons or not. However, based on some trusted sources, they say yes, the company hires felons.

If you browse information, there are even testimonials from internet users that they are hired by the company while they have felony backgrounds.

So, in conclusion, for felons, you can at least apply for a job in the company and there is a chance to be accepted. Interestingly, there is indeed a long history of the company having felons as employees.

Even in the past, there were some workers in various positions, particularly the field workers who have felony backgrounds.

It is just more proof that felons are allowed to apply for and even get jobs in the company.

About Waste Management

Waste Management, or you can call it WM, is a company based in Texas that focuses on waste management, just like its name, and the environmental services.

The company was founded in 1968 and means it has served society for around 54 years.

Well, it is not a short time, isn’t it? There are many types of services done by the company starting from selecting wastes and recycling them.

More importantly, it makes sure the environment is clean and hygienic without pollution.

The wastes it processes also become more beneficial and reusable in the future.

Although the company still finds profits from the business, the benefits to feel by the people are also so many and huge.

So, big thanks for the presence of WM in the US. 

As WM’s retails have been spread all over the US it means that the company needs to hire many employees also. And it is not wrong.

Almost every year, it opens vacancies for various positions. The requirements given for applicants are also varied depending on what position they want to apply for.

But here is the question, does the Company employ felons? For the answer, you can read the following explanation.

Does Waste Management Only Hire Specific Types of Felonies?

The next question about the felon employment in a company is about what types of felons are commonly hired. Sure, it is also for Waste Management.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about that. What has been found is only that the company hires felons but there is no more information about whether it accepts all types of felonies or not.

So, it can be 2 possibilities anyway. Well, the company probably allows all types of felons to work with them as long as they pass other qualifications.

It does not matter if the crime you have done in the past is really worse like murder, you can still have a chance to continue your life by working here.

But probably, the company may only accept certain types of felonies but they just keep it a secret.

It is only internally talked about by the company’s management and this matter cannot spread outside.

Undeniably, other companies indeed accept felons but not for certain felonies such as fraud, theft, murder, violence, and sexual harassment.

Those types of felonies indeed generate other problems among the employees if the felons are accepted.

So, the best decision is not to hire them completely. WM can be one of the companies that provide such requirements. They just do not announce it publicly.

So, all people including felons with all types of felonies can just apply for a job in the company.

Then, it conducts some tests such as interviews to gain more information about the applicant’s background.

If they are involved in certain felonies, it can be the main cause they cannot be accepted in the company.

Does Waste Management Check the Applicant’s Background?

Again, there is no exact information about this matter. However, if you do some research, almost all big companies currently check the applicant’s background in many ways.

This is how they can be sure if the candidate is really worthy to join their companies.

The background check is commonly not only to know the skills and abilities they have to work well in the position they apply for.

More than that, it is also conducted to know whether or not they were once involved in a certain felony. Some methods may be applied for the background check matter.

The company checks the applicant’s social media and even browses his or her name. This method is very common to do and the result is proven to be effective.

Another method is by conducting interviews.

The interviewer asks about the applicant’s background and the possibility of their involvement in the felony explicitly and implicitly.

It is possible also for the applicant, to be honest from the beginning by telling about their felony backgrounds on their CV.

However, since Waste Management doesn’t require it for the applicants, only a few of them are doing that.

What are the Tips for Felons to be Accepted in Waste Management?

Waste Management doesn’t mention that the opportunity to accept felons is lower than it is for other applicants.

The fact that the company had hired felons also proves that it doesn’t apply strict regulations about that.

However, you should know also that many companies out there indeed consider hiring non-felony applicants first if there are 2 candidates, a felon and a non-felon.

Except, it is if the felon can show that their capabilities are above the non-felon candidate.

Well, there is a big possibility that Waste Management applies such a rule also in hiring new employees.

Undeniably, many companies indeed think about stability first when coming to hiring new employees.

So, if this is the matter, what are the tips for felons to be accepted in Waste Management.

Of course, make sure you have skills and abilities above the average.

Even before the company opens vacancies, make sure to prepare yourself for it.

This is how you can go beyond other candidates. Next, show them that you have changed and can be better.

Despite the felony you have made, you are now a new person who can work well and will not make the same mistake.

More importantly, be honest during the interview about the felony.

If you are lying, it is just useless since the interviewer can just know it from your gestures and intimation when answering their questions.