Does TruGreen Hire Convicted Felons?

TruGreen is a company that provides developments and maintenance of outdoor living spaces.

It enables the customers to have beautiful lawns and gardens they have dreamt of before.

Of course, aside from providing good services and management, the company also hires trusted and experienced workers.

All the workers hired are selected well based on the qualifications given in the vacancy. Therefore, they help the company to commit to customers to bring the best services regarding their outdoors.

Related to TruGreen’s workers, there is a common question often asked once the company opens a vacancy.

Does it hire felons?Undeniably, out there, many convicted felons try their best to get jobs. Some of them are indeed lucky enough to get a job they want since many companies in the US indeed hire felons.

But is TruGreen one of them? If you are interested in applying for a job in this company, make sure to read the following explanation.

Does TruGreen Hire Felons?

Like most companies, there is no official statement from TruGreen whether they hire felons or not.

Since there are many applicants coming from the felons realm who are also curious about this matter, many people also ask about it to the representative of the company. Unfortunately, there is also no answer.

So, before writing this article, the author tried to conduct a small research about if there is a history about TruGreen hiring convicted felons in the past.

Surprisingly, there are 2 possibilities, yes and no based on what has been found.

The company might allow felons to work with them based on reports when the company hired people with felony records in the past.

It is not known how many felons who worked in it but it seems to be more than one. Therefore, if there were people with felonies who worked in TruGreen in the past, it is possible that currently, the company still does the same.

However, there was also a finding that the company might not allow felons to work with them. There is a report made based on a really old Wall Street Journal article.

The article stated that in general, TruGreen didn’t hire felons. They just gave chances for people with misdemeanors.

Can Felons Apply for Jobs in TruGreen?

Okay, based on the explanation in the first point, it indeed doesn’t come to a conclusion if TruGreen hires felons or not.

However, for the question can felons apply for jobs in TruGreen, the answer is clear enough, yes, you can.

As long as there is no statement from the company or the vacancy that felons cannot join, it means you can just do it.

But here is a very important thing you should know. When you are a felon, it means that you are under qualified. The company may give a chance more for applicants with no felony background.

For example, there are 2 applicants, one of them has a felony background while another is not. If both have the same skills and scores, of course, the company will prioritize the non-felon first.

So, what you should do before applying for the job is maximizing your skills and knowledge related to the position you want to apply for.

Since you cannot win it in terms of the background, you must do it in terms of the ability.

Besides, you should also learn about the fact that some companies actually still accept certain types of felonies.

Those types that are accepted are considered not disturbing the image and stability of the company for sure.

Some felonies that are not acceptable are commonly including violence, murder, theft, forgery, fraud, and sexual harassment. Other than that, companies may still accept terms and conditions.

Particularly for TruGreen, it may apply the same regulation as other companies related to felony employment.

Some positions of the workers are to meet clients outside or to visit them in their houses as gardeners or lawn designers.

Sure, they must prevent terrible things from happening caused by the actions of their employees outside the company.

That’s why, there is a big possibility that the company does hire some types of felons mentioned above.

Does TruGreen Check the Applicant’s Background?

Almost all companies nowadays check their applicants’ backgrounds. Not only their educational backgrounds and experiences are important but also whether or not they were once involved in felonies and misdemeanors.

There are even many ways to check their background easily. 

First, they may check social media or browse their names in the browser. If you were once convicted, there must be news about you although it was only a small page.

This is how they know if you have done a bad action in the past.

Second, it is through a part of the employee selections like the interview. Interviewers look for the information explicitly and implicitly through questions.

Particularly for the most recommended applicants, such questions must be asked to prevent the company from accepting a wrong employee.

How to be Accepted in TruGreen when You are a Convicted Felon?

Although there is a possibility that TruGreen doesn’t employ felons, sure, there is another possibility that it does.

As long as the company doesn’t prohibit felons from sending the application letter, there is always a chance for you. So, just take it.

As has been mentioned above, you must optimize your skills and potential to compete well with other candidates.

Make sure you are above others so that the chance to be accepted is higher also. Even before TruGreen opens the vacancy, you need to prepare yourself for the best.

Another important tip to follow is, you must be honest about your felony background. There is no need to hide it since the company will find it out themselves.

So, it is better to spill it during the interview. Even if it is possible, that’s okay to mention about your felony background in the application letter.

Once you are accepted, make sure to do your best in your new job. So, are you interested in applying for a job in TruGreen with your felony status?