Does Shipt do Background Checks?

The answer is yes. To become a personal shopper and delivery driver for Shipt, you must perform a background check to see your criminal and driving history, drug offenses, and other legal violations.

So, what are Shipt’s background check requirements for their registration process? Let’s find out in this article. 

What are the Details About Shipt’s Background Check?

Inspections are conducted in accordance with state and federal employment laws.

This comprehensive background check was conducted through national third-party vendors and included searches of several federal databases.

Shipt uses a third-party service called Checkr for its background checks.

Shipt will check for criminal activity, legal issues, driver and motor vehicle violations, and drug offenses.

How does Shipt Check My Records?

Shipt uses your social security number to check your background for criminal activity, legal issues, driver and motor vehicle offenses, and drug offenses.

They use the background check service we mentioned earlier, namely Checkr, to do this. By applying, you consent to this check. 

Work At Shipt As a Former Felon 

Shipt prioritizes safety and good customer service. In general, people with crimes, especially in the last seven years, will not be approved.

Minor violations can be ignored. However, if you have a record of serious motor vehicle violations, drug or violent offenses in your records.

Then you have very little chance of being approved as a Shipt shopper. 

Checkr stated: “We believe all candidates deserve a fair opportunity to work.

Because a criminal record shouldn’t be a life sentence for unemployment, and background checks shouldn’t get in the way of the future.”

This means that they may also look at your records and life history after you are released. So, you still have a chance. 

Get a Job at Shipt

The job available at Shipt is Shipt shopper. So, what is Shipt shopper?

A Shipt shopper takes orders through Shipt on their mobile phones, go to the needed stores, collect people’s goods, and use their own or other people’s cars to deliver goods to customers.

They are Shipt’s contractors and must be approved by Shipt. 

Quoted from the Shipt website: “Our shoppers are reliable, independent, charming and able to handle tough situations.

They live and breathe the Shipt Shopper mantra: Be accurate. Be awesome. On time.” 

Working as a Shipt driver is not the only job opportunity available. Shipt also has other vacancies in the following departments: Business Development, Data Engineering, Data Science, Engineering – Backend, Engineering – Mobile, Marketing.

You can view all job opportunities on Shipt’s Careers page to get job information for all current opening positions.

How to Apply For Job at Shipt

To apply for a job at Shipt, you must meet the requirements below;

18 years and over

Have a valid US driver’s license and car insurance

Have one year experience as a licensed driver

Own a reliable, operable vehicle made in 1997 or later (not necessarily your vehicle, as long as you are insured to drive it)

Have a good knowledge of product selection so that you can shop well for others

Capable of lifting 45 pounds.

Own a smartphone – iPhone (iOS 10 or later) or Android (5.1 or later)

Have a valid mailing address

Have a bank account for direct deposit

Have an insulated cooler bag

Once you meet the criteria we have listed above, you can start your application online and fill in the required information, including your name, email, age and area where you work.

You will receive an email with instructions for recording your video interview and requesting several short written interview responses.

You can repeat your submission as many times as you need before submitting it.

It only takes about fifteen minutes on a smartphone or computer to apply to become a Shipt shopper.

Your application will be confirmed upon receipt, usually within 48 hours.

It may also take several days or weeks for your application to be considered, depending on what is available in your area.

Sometimes the Shipt shopping positions available in your area are full. In this case, once you register, you will be put on a waiting list.

Shipt will contact you when a position is open.

To track the progress of your application, Shipt’s recruiting team will send you an email update letting you know how your application is progressing.

They may also notify you of job availability in your area. Even if Shipt isn’t yet operational in your area, you can be registered and approved so you’re ready to get to work when it opens.

If you have been accepted and hired by Shipt, you then complete an onboarding training session.

Once you have completed your training, Shipt will send their T-shirts to you in the mail. You are then ready to start completing orders for Delivery.

Don’t delay Shipt’s background check requirements. In most cases, their vetting is a straightforward process and protects everyone involved.

Shipt Overview

Shipt is a grocery delivery app and one of the best on-demand grocery delivery and grocery delivery service offering same day delivery.

Shipt has collaborated with various retailers, including Target, HEB, Petco and CVS.

Shipt is headquartered in Birmingham and has offices in San Francisco.

They have cooperated with various retailers, including Target, HEB, Publix, Petco and CVS.

Shipt members can save time by paying for groceries delivered straight to the door.

They have access to online retailers and grocery stores they trust through the Shipt app, order, and have it delivered. 


Like most companies, background checks will always be carried out for the convenience of the company, as well as customer safety.

For this background check, shipt uses a third party service called Checkr.

Shipt puts safety and good customer service first, so people with crimes, especially in the last seven years, will not be approved.

However, it is possible to hire former felons with minor offenses. 

The key to success when looking for a job is seriousness and sincerity. Show that you are employable and worthy for the position. Don’t ever give up.