Does The Post Office Hire Convicted Felons?

Yes, the post office is one of the companies giving felons a chance. As felons, they can apply for a job at this company.

It seems to be a common question for felons in the US. It is challenging for every company and institution to give a second chance to convicted felons.

Though they are felons, they still have a right to get access to work. Some companies are joining the felon box program giving felons a chance to get a job.

Most people take the time to hunt for a deserved job when they are former felons. Convicted felons start a new life after the punishment.

Some do not know the ways to seek jobs. They are afraid of having no chances.

Getting a Job in the Post Office for Felons 

Felons are former criminals. They have never done a criminal case in the past. It becomes a bad history in their life. Does the post office hire convicted felons? It sounds difficult to employ the same person for a job position.

When they have a criminal case, it is difficult to get a job. However, the post office now gives a chance for felons to work. As long as they are trusted, honest, and responsible, they will belong to the post office’s criteria.

You can search the job vacancy on the site or job vacancy sites. Then, you can learn about the available job positions for felons. After that, you can apply for it.

You are waiting for the interview and calls from the post office. 

Procedures to Employ Felons in Post Office

Felons are unique applicants because they have a track record. The company is usually careful to select some candidates. Some felons made criminal cases and records due to some cases.

When you want to apply for the post office, you need to learn the following procedures. 

1.) Individual Achievement 

When you got a high individual achievement, it will save you from applying for post office job positions. This institution doesn’t concern you with your criminal cases.

However, it receives the candidates based on individual achievements. It means that it will concern you with the past achievement regardless of your criminal cases.

Thus, you try to show off your achievements and skills. Your diligence, skills, and smartness are crucial to evolve for handling the job positions in the post office. 

2.) Entry Level

Though the post office focuses more on individual achievement, it gets a sensitive position in this office. You start from the entry-level slot.

It means that you need to apply for some entry-level job positions. Don’t be afraid of it. When you work well and get an individual achievement, you can promote your job position. 

3.) Check Background 

A post office requires a background check. The background check involves the five-year history background of applicants. A background check is running where the felons are living in the period. It is going to check the evaluation of criminal cases.

If felon cases stop, the record will be ignored in the recruitment process. The trust will be deleted and sealed when it notices. It means that you must tell the truth about your criminal cases and records in the past. 

Guidance to Get the Best Felon Candidates

Post office management usually has its standards and guidance to recruit felon candidates. You need to equalize your standard and skills to get a job in the post office.

There will be a guide to getting the best felon candidate to employ in the post office. 

1.) Rehabilitation Pieces of Evidence

Felons require high attention before deciding to employ in the post office.

The management will identify some rehabilitation pieces of evidence after the punishment and criminal records. It influences the management’s decision to employ it or not. 

2.) The Felon’s Age When They Made Criminal Cases

Criminal cases were felon’s history and track record. They could make mistakes younger or earlier. Post office management will track and check it when they make criminal records.

If they made it so many years ago, it is a good consideration before employing them. 

3.) The Duration of Criminal Cases

Punishment for criminal cases can last longer and shorter. When they run a short punishment, the criminal case is categorized to be a low entry-level case.

It is different from a long punishment in which it belongs to a hard case. The post office management is going to check it. 

4.) The Job and Work Experience After Criminal Cases

Felons were working before they made criminal cases. Some are possibly getting a job after punishment. The post office will also check a job and work experience after criminal cases are made.

It is a suggestion to accept them to be a post office’s employer. 

5.) Specific Job Position 

Felons are usually available in some job positions. Make sure you check whether it is suitably meeting it or not.

Regarding the past punishment and criminal cases, the guidance claims that the punishment at least runs ten years before applying for a job position and no criminal cases within five years. 

Those requirements are hard to meet for new felons because they need to gain much experience from the other companies to get a job in the post office. It is a commitment to get the best candidate from felons.


How to Get a Job in the Post Office for Felons 

When felons apply for a post office, they need to do the following steps. Firstly, they must make a strongly attractive resume to sell your skills.

It is the last chance to impress the interviewers. Then, spare your time to understand a specific job position that you apply for.

You need to understand the required skills. You read a job description to ensure the requirements. After you read and understand it, you ask the others to read it.

If you achieve an interview phase, you can breathe freely. Try to give the best and promote yourself.