Does Kelly Services Hire Felons?

Yes, Kelly Services do hire felons. The official statement from the company indicates that it works with and hires felons accordingly.

Of course, it runs its business with a specific policy regarding criminal history.

Yet, it comes without any generalization toward felons who want to secure employment opportunities with Kelly Services.

In other words, felons will have their chance to find the appropriate jobs for them with the help of this particular company.

Of course, a background check is among the things that Kelly Services will conduct when assessing an applicant.

Yet, there is no need to worry about it because it has no strict rules regarding felons.

A background check is just a standard procedure that the company has to do.

Furthermore, the statement indicates that Kelly Services reviews each case of felons individually.

So, some of them may or may not be getting the chance to find new jobs with the company.

It depends on the individual case of the felons. More importantly, the company has hired felons previously.

Therefore, it is good news for those who are felons to look for new jobs through the intermediary service from this company.

About Kelly Services

The company itself is an office staffing company that originated and is based in the United States of America.

It started in 1946 with the original name of Russell Kelly Office Service.

Fundamentally, it operates globally providing many people chances to work at all levels in numerous sectors.

In other words, it opens up a gateway for a lot of people to find the perfect jobs for them.

Therefore, it is imaginable for many felons to question whether or not the business works with them. As a staffing company, Kelly Services provides its services at a professional level.

It includes outsourcing, career transition, vendor management, recruitment, as well as human resource and management consulting.

So far, it is a trusted company in its field with 90 of the Fortune 100 recommending Kelly Services.

More importantly, there are over 1,000,000 people who secure their employment each year with the help of this company.

What About the Ban the Box Campaign and Fair Chance Business Pledge?

Some of the people with criminal convictions in the past may question those things concerning Kelly Services.

The so-called Ban the Box Campaign is a social movement that encourages businesses and companies to remove the questions about applicants’ criminal records and histories.

Meanwhile, the Fair Chance Business Pledge is a statement of companies to provide a fair chance for applicants by looking at their present instead of their past.

Unfortunately, Kelly Services has not signed both of them. It can be worrying for some applicants who are felons, indeed.

Nevertheless, it is best to look back at the official statement from the company that it will review individual cases of felons.

In many ways, there are still chances for people with criminal records to find jobs when incorporating the services of Kelly Services.

More importantly, many businesses and companies have not signed those things and hire felons as well.

Optimizing the Chance with Kelly Services as Felons

Of course, it is a fundamental thing to always optimize the chance to secure employment whenever applying for some openings.

For a felon, it may require a harder attempt to eventually land a job.

So, it is best to understand some of the ways to boost the chance on this particular matter with the staffing service of Kelly Services.

So, what are the things to do? Of course, the first thing to do is to assess the personal qualifications that will come in handy in matching the available jobs.

Understanding self-qualifications is necessary for searching for a job. It gets more important with the service of an intermediary company like Kelly Services.

The company works with more than 70,000 hiring managers globally.

Thus, they will have a plethora of requirements from those managers when searching for candidates.

So, find the most significant skills on hand and use them as the main arsenal when working with a company like Kelly Services.

The second thing to do is to bring those personal skills and qualifications to the paper.

Composing a top-notch resume is highly important for a felon to secure a job.

It is common for a lot of people to struggle with their resume writing skills. Nevertheless, there are numerous help over the web that will come in handy in this matter.

The local career or community center can be helpful in this matter of composing a top-notch resume for a felon. An interview is the next thing that requires the best performance, indeed.

So, the third thing a felon needs to do is to practice for the interview. It is reasonable for a felon to be less confident when being at a job interview.

So, it is necessary to eliminate that feeling because even a felon has the chance to land a top-notch job.

It sounds a bit cliché, but it is the truth that a decent interview boosts the chance of any job applicant to secure the available job.


Kelly Services do hire felons. Nevertheless, the path of a felon to secure a job through the service of this company will not be a straight one.

There is a set of processes to go through before securing a job. Yet, there is no need to worry about it at all because Kelly Services has hired felons previously.

So, the chances are there for anyone who is a felon to land a decent job with Kelly Services.