Does Intel Do Background Check?

Yes, it does. Intel does a background check to recognize the background details of applicant candidates.

It helps this company to identify and select the best employer candidate to work and collaborate with this company.

A background check passes some phases until it gets the best candidate for working at Intel. 

What Is Intel? 

It is essential to learn more about Intel. This company was established in July 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore.

This company is one of the early developers of DRAM and SRAM chip memory. It is the largest part of the business until 1981.

For years, Intel has become one of the largest technology companies in the world.

It produces some products to sell in the market such as motherboard chipsets, flash memory, solid-state drive, microprocessor, modem, laptops, and many more.

A company income reached $77.80 million in 2020. It is one of the top technology companies in the world. 

Who Does Intel Hire? Best Candidates or Felons? 

Intel is a various technology company employing many people. If you live near Intel and want to work there, it is a huge possibility to get your dream job.

You may get a suitable job with employers. For example, if a company employs a field application engineer and firmware engineer, you can apply for a job position in that company. 

1.) Experience and Degree 

Intel requires to expand an operating field and market. Thus, it needs to recruit more employers to work in the company. Intel regularly recruits new employers.

One of the considerations is that Intel requires the workers to have a degree and experience before working in Intel. It always ensures the workers fill requirements before employing them. 

2.) Entry Level 

When you search for an entry-level position, you must try to be a data scientist and physical design engineer. A potential job belongs to a pre-validation engineer and SRAM circuit design engineer.

Those are the best job positions to apply for if you have experience and attain an entry-level position. After you get a job position in Intel, you can make a difference in the world.

You will learn data mining and the engine learning process. You can also work on a predictive statistic and modeling system.

It is enough to say the job position with Intel. It will become a dream job for technology fans. 

Reasons for Working in Intel 

Intel is a big technology company. There will be some reasons influencing you to apply for a job position in this company. What are they? 

1.) Competitive Salary 

Getting a dream job in Intel is priceless. It is a worthwhile achievement for everyone.

A company offers good benefits and a competitive salary. It means that you will earn more money to live with your family members.

An Intel company has two bonus programs based on the company’s profitability and performance. If the company fulfills the purpose, the workers can receive annual and three monthly bonuses for employers. 

2.) Allowed Buying Company’s Stock 

Intel employers can benefit from an Intel stock program. The employers allow buying stocks at a discount price. It is available in limited stock for employers at all levels. 

3.) A Retirement Program 

Intel also has a retirement program for employers. It helps you to enjoy your retirement period after working in Intel. 

4.) Holiday Program 

If you get interested in receiving off days and paid holidays, Intel is the best choice for everyone. The company offers flexible working choices and extra holiday support.

Finally, you will receive access to better health benefits. It offers a good health plan and available health programs. The employers have access to the fitness center and weight loss programs.

You can also require physical therapy for employers. Employers’ finances are uncomparable among the technology companies. 

Does Intel Do Background Check for Applicants? 

The recruitment process of every company applies different procedures. Intel does a background check for new employers. You remember that employing new employees requires the best recruitment process.

Thus, you must fill the requirements and standards to ensure the best employer. To ensure the best position for the candidate, you need to check your background.

You can learn more about the procedures for a background check. Most Americans have heard of Intel because it is a popular company.

It produces so many hardware and computer products for the market.

People regularly use Intel electronic details and devices. Intel is the largest chip semiconductor producer in the world.

It has grown for 53 years and developed rapidly for years. In 2020, Intel estimates to have more than 110.500 employees.

It offers a quick working place in which you can work and learn new technology devices.

If it is something that interests you, it is a wise chance to get the best job deal with Intel. 

When you decide to get a new job in Intel, it is ready for a background check. You can’t prevent it. A company’s policy restricts you to check a background for external applicants.

If you receive a job, your background will be checked by Intel. A company requires a background check procedure for criminal records or felons.

You remember that a background check is different from area to area. Thus, the law will affect the company’s background check. 

How Long Does Intel Do Background Check? 

You must be patient with a background check. It runs a process for a week or longer. A background check usually happens when it offers a particular position.

After you receive it, the information is sent to the third side and run through a database. It will gather information about your educational history and criminal cases.

Intel will analyze data and determine your qualification whether you deserve it or not. 


Unfortunately, felons find it difficult to get a job. You may be refused because of your criminal cases. Some companies have special policies to inform them that it employs or doesn’t employ felons. Intel has no special program for felons.

Intel tends to focus more on the qualification and applicant’s history. When the management analyzes the data carefully, it will see information about the candidate.

If you have a criminal record, you may get it. It depends on the current policy and situation.