Does Home Depot do Background Checks?

Yes, they do!

A background check can be the scariest thing people with a felony have to face when applying for a job.

They might be looking for a company that is willing to accept people with a felony.

Home Depot becomes one company that can offer them the opportunity they need.

Nevertheless, they might have a big worry that the background check will close their opportunity to work at this company.

In this circumstance, you need to learn more about the background check at Home Depot.

For this company, a background check during the recruitment process is compulsory.

It means that the company will ask for the applicant’s consent before conducting a background check for job applicants.

You are allowed to refuse to give your consent. However, it means that you cannot continue with your job application process at this company.

Conducting a background check is not free. The process will take a lot of energy and sources.

You might have a big worry that the payment will be asked to you to conduct a background check when applying to Home Depot.

There is no need to worry because it will be paid by Home Depot.

You do not have to worry when they ask you for a background check consent.

They just ask for your consent. They do not ask you to pay for the check.

Another important fact to know about Home Depot background checks is that the check is conducted nationwide.

You might think that the background check will only include your activities and information within your state of residence.

The information collected from the background check will include all information from the local to the federal database.

The federal database might also have information about significant activities you have in a foreign country.

It means that the background check will also include information about your overseas activities.

Does Home Depot do the background check directly? Well, a background check is not an easy thing to do.

Home Depot already has so many things to do. It means that they do not have any resources to do the background check.

The check will be done by a third-party company, after all.

You will not be able to know the name of the company that will conduct the background check because it is not available on the Home Depot website.

The background check needed by Home Depot will go back seven years.

It is a standard option for background checks in many companies, after all.

Nevertheless, some people said that the activities within ten years must also be listed in the background check due to the local or state laws.

An extensive background check might also be needed if you try to apply for jobs with a bigger salary.

A background check is not something that can be done instantly.

The process might take up to one week to complete.

The result might be sent from 24 hours to one week after the conduction. In some circumstances, the background check will take longer than one week.

The background check can list various kinds of information.

However, the background check needed by Home Depot will not include your credit score or your financial history.

The information reported in the background check has been recorded on the public database.

Of course, it is not used for judging the character of the job applicants.

Someone can be a criminal, but there will not be any report on the background check if she or he has never been caught.

What kind of information needed to be found on the background check might be different based on the position you try to apply for.

Educational history and also work experience might also be listed on the background check if you try to apply for a supervisory or managerial position.

Your driving history will be listed on the background check if you apply for the driver position.

The background check might be conducted by a competent third-party company.

Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that you find some errors in the background check.

In this circumstance, you need to contact the company to inform them of the error.

Information Taken from Home Depot Background Checks

Once again, the information needed on the background check might be different according to the position to want to apply for.

However, the standard background check will try to get information about your criminal history, drug use record, driving history, educational qualifications, and reference check.

Those are the most basic information Home Depot needs to know about the applicants.

Home Depot Hiring Process

Of course, understanding the hiring process at Home Depot will help you be well-prepared.

Being well-prepared will help you heighten your opportunity to get hired by the company.

The hiring process of this company is pretty simple and standard, after all.

First things first, you need to submit your job application. You will be invited to attend an interview.

After attending the interview, you also need to take a drug test.

After completing these steps, you can only wait for a response from the Home Depot recruiter to inform you whether you can resume work or not.


Working at Home Depot can be an opportunity to have a better life for many people because this company has so many stores all around the country.

It means that the opportunity to get a job at this place should be bigger.

You do not have to move to another state if the Home Depot outlet near your area can give you a suitable job.

Nevertheless, finding the right job is never easy, including when you try to apply at Home Depot.

If you have felony convictions, your challenge might be bigger although the company is pretty welcoming for people with felony convictions.

The background check cannot be avoided if you try to apply for a job at Home Depot, after all.

That is why you need to provide honest information on your job applications to make sure that it is not significantly different from the background check.