Does Frito Lay Hire Felons?

The good news is, yes, of course! Many states have implemented a policy that encourages companies to hire people despite their criminal background.

This is a step taken to foster a world where former felons have the opportunity to rejoin and contribute to society. Frito Lay doesn’t discriminate in its hiring process. As long as you have the necessary skill to work in this company, you can be hired.

Besides ex-convicts, Frito Lay also welcomes people with disabilities as well as veterans to work in this company.

How to Get Hired at Frito Lay as Former Felons

The hiring process is the same for everyone, ex-felons or not. It is important to pay attention to the whole process so you can prepare yourselves accordingly.

Remember, there are many people who want to work in this company, so the competition can be extremely fierce. You are not only competing with ex-convicts, but also many other people who probably have more working experiences.

But don’t worry, just follow the process and do your best.

1.) Go to the Website

First of all, go to Frito Lay’s website and create an account. After that, find the job that you want. Frito Lay has dozens of job vacancies. You can choose whether you want to work in the store or the plants.

If you have excellent driving skill, you also can choose a job that requires you to be on the road, such as delivery or distribution.

2.) Send your Resume

After finding a job that you like, you will have to send your resume. This is one of the most important processes for people with criminal backgrounds. You must make sure that you can get a chance to interview, and your resume is the gateway to that opportunity.

Thus, write your resume carefully, make sure to write down all your skills, talents, and achievements that are relevant with the position you apply for.

Thanks to the Ban the Box movement, you are not required to disclose your criminal history in your resume. But if you want to be honest from the get go, that is completely fine.

3.) Prescreen Process

After uploading the resume, you will have to take a pre-screen process. In this process, you are required to answer several questions to ensure your skills fit the role you are applying for.

This process also might assess your knowledge regarding that particular role. Once you complete this process, the employer will need several days to process your application.

4.) Interview

The interview will send you an email inviting you to an interview if they find you potential from your resume. This is your chance to show off your skill. Let the interviewer know that you are the right man or woman for the job.

You are not required to disclose your criminal history, but you can tell them if you want to.

If you decide to tell the interviewers, make sure to show how you have changed and how your experience has made you a better person.

You also can use this chance to ask the employers about the working schedules, benefits, and other things that you want to know about the company.

Does Frito Lay Conduct a Background Check?

If you perform great in the interview process and the company decides to hire you, Frito Lay will call you to make a verbal offer. Once you have accepted the verbal offer, the company will send a written offer to your email.

So, make sure to check your email constantly. So, once you get the written offer, does it mean that you can start working? Well, technically, not yet.

There is still another process that you have to go through.

The background check. Many ex-felons worry about this process because this is where the employer knows about their criminal history. But once again, you don’t have to worry too much about this.

The background check is only conducted to applicants that have passed the interview process and are about to be hired. Furthermore, if the background check comes back positive, the company will give you ten days to submit your explanation regarding your past behavior.

You need to convince them that you have changed and your past criminal record will not affect the company in any way.

Since you have passed their hiring process, if you explain yourself well, the result of the background check might not be a dealbreaker.

Does Frito Lay Conduct a Drug Screen?

Frito Lay has a very strict drug policy. All candidates must pass the drug test, and a positive test might make you fail to get the job. Furthermore, it is reported that the company conducts mandatory drug tests for its employees from time to time.

If you use medical marijuana, it might or might not be a problem. The company policy regarding medical marijuana will depend on the state’s law and regulation.

Tips to Ace the Hiring Process as an Ex-Felons

It is important to be honest and don’t try to hide your criminal background. It is best to honestly state your criminal history in the interview process.

Even though the employer will know about it after the background check, it is best to know it directly from you. They will truly appreciate your honesty.

Remember to prepare the best resume. You don’t have to state your criminal record on the resume if you don’t want to. Once again, the interview process is the most suitable time to disclose everything.

When you are writing your resume, focus on the skills, talents, and experience in the related fields.


Frito Lay is a good company, and it is also a good place for you to start over. This company values its employees based on their skills instead of their background.

This is a great chance to bring your life forward and finally use your talent. The key is to be confident. Don’t let your past get in the way of your beautiful future.

Don’t let your felon background make you hesitate to try.