Does Boeing Hire People with a Felony?

Yes, they do hire felons, according to the company’s official state, Boeing provides equal opportunities for every candidate.

The company also stated that applicants with past felony convictions are welcome to apply at Boeing’s career website like other candidates.

So, it is safe to say that Boeing does hire people with a felony. Despite that, you may not be eligible for certain job openings in the company, especially if they’re related to the defense industry.

This is due to the required security clearance in Boeing’s defense industry. So, if you have a felony, you will be unable to get a security clearance, which makes you ineligible for the job.

Have Boeing Hires Felons in the Past?

Some former and current Boeing employees revealed that the aviation company has hired felons in the past.

They also stressed that only certain felons are hired by the company. Based on my research, several factors determine your possibility of getting hired by Boeing.

a.Nature of the Offense

In general, the more serious the offense, the less likely you’ll be hired by the company. For instance, individuals charged with serious offenses like sexual assault, murder charges, robberies, etc. May not be eligible.

b.Period After Conviction

The factor also extends to the period since the conviction occurs. A former employee reports that they were hired by Boeing 7 years after the conviction.

The general public agrees that the conviction should have occurred 5 years in the past for a felon to be eligible for a job at Boeing.

c.Attempt to Recovery

This factor may not apply to all offenses. If your past felony is related to drug addiction, stating what you’ve been through during the recovery process may help you to secure a job position at Boeing.

Does Boeing Run a Criminal Background Check?

As with many companies, Boeing also runs a rigorous background check for each of its candidates. In doing so, the aviation company requires all applicants to sign a pre-employment background check consent form.

The company uses a registered Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The background check itself focuses on various areas, such as criminal records, educational background, financial standing, and employment records.

The strictness of this process depends on the applied position. Besides background checks, a drug test is also administered to the applicants before an offer is made.

Tips to Increase your Chances of Being Hired by Boeing

Everyone should agree that felons deserve a second chance. If you’re convicted of a felony, getting a job may be your first step to redeeming yourself.

So, these tips may increase your chance of getting hired by Boeing.

a.Don’t Lie About your Past Felony

As previously mentioned, Boeing conducts a thorough background check for each of its applicants. This means that any mistake or criminal history can be spotted right away. So, it would be useless to lie about your past felony.

Instead, try to be honest about your past felonies. Own your past mistakes instead of shifting the blame to others. While companies may tolerate felons, they may not tolerate liars.

b.Be Qualified

It should be common knowledge that applying for a job in a giant company like Boeing requires a proper qualification.

Making sure that you are qualified is even more important if you’re applying for a higher job position. However, this doesn’t mean that every job at Boeing requires a college degree.

Some entry-level jobs, such as assembly line and in-tank mechanic, may only require a specific skill to be qualified. So, make sure you’re qualified for your desired job at Boeing.

c.Show your Attempt at Getting Better

As a felon, your hiring manager may be more suspicious of your background, especially if you show no effort at getting better. So, after your conviction, make sure to get involved in every effort that can help you achieve a better life.

This effort can range from joining work training, attending rehabilitation, and many more. Show the interviewer that you’re not involved in any criminal cases after your conviction.

By doing all of that, you may be able to convince the company’s hiring manager that you’ve changed and gotten better.

Conclusion and Summary

Despite not being a part of the Ban-the-Box movement or the Fair Chance Business Pledge, Boeing still provides an equal opportunity for felons who seek a job opportunity in the company.

For that reason, getting a job at Boeing seems to be a good choice for a person with a felony. However, you may experience a different process when applying as a felon.

The difference in the hiring process may be reflected in the background process that you need to get through. You also need an extra effort to convince the hiring manager that you’ve changed for the better.

Furthermore, being a felon should not stop you from applying for a job in a big company like Boeing. The most important part is making sure that you’re qualified for the job and that you’ve owned your past mistakes.