Does Apple do Background Check?

Does Apple do Background Check? If you have a felony conviction, you have no choice but to ask this question, especially if working at Apple becomes your biggest dream.

Well, there is nothing wrong to dream big. Everyone is allowed to dream as high as they can. People with a felony can also do the same.

Yet, you need to be prepared to make sure that you can reach your dream to work at this big company.

Being well-prepared means that you know the necessary steps that will be included in the hiring process of the company.

In this circumstance, you need to know whether Apple will conduct a background check on the qualifying applicants or not.

Available Job Positions at Apple

Since Apple is a big company, it means that you can find more and more job opportunities at this company.

Of course, the competition will be tough, as well, yet at least you might be able to find your dream job at this company.

It seems that Apple is constantly looking for new employees that can use their talents to work at the company.

You can check the official website of the company to find the available position in your area.

To find the job opportunity easier, you need to use a specific role or keyword on the website.

You can also add location, language skill, department or team, and product or service filters to narrow down your search.

Background Check for Qualifying Applicants

Working at Apple must be a dream job for many people even for people with a felony.

Nevertheless, people with felonies might have much more questions about the opportunity to work at Apple because of their criminal convictions.

The biggest worry they have must be associated with the background check.

Does Apple conduct any background checks on the qualifying applicants?

Yes, they need to make sure that the qualifying job applicants have a background check to be considered for employment.

Many American companies including Apple think that pre-employment background check is crucial in the hiring process.

Anything they need to know about the job applicant for employment qualification can be found from the background check.

Various data about the job applicants can be seen from the background check, including credit score, criminal history, education level, and many more.

The recruiter will compare the information from the applicant to the data from the background check.

Validation will be made for information from birth date to criminal convictions and non-violent convictions.

The most important thing is to make sure that the information provided by the applicant must be the same as the information from the background check.

If the company finds a significant difference from the provided information, a red flag will be drawn.

Small discrepancies will be understood by the recruiters.

However, the recruiters will find that something is wrong when the discrepancies are at a moderate level.

Applicants with Felony Convictions

People with felony convictions surely want to have second chances to live better.

Working at a reputable company will help them build a better life as they wish.

Nevertheless, it seems that it can be a faraway dream because many companies do not welcome applicants with felony convictions.

How about Apple? The company claims that they are open to hiring qualifying applicants no matter what their backgrounds are even if they have felony convictions.

However, the company is selective about the type of felony convictions because applicants with certain types of felony convictions will be disqualified from employment with Apple.

The opportunity to work at Apple will be zero if you have these types of criminal convictions, including murder, money laundering, child abuse, sexual assault, child pornography, wire fraud, and drug manufacturing.

The background check that will be conducted by Apple will go back seven years.

You can feel free to contact the company recruiter to find out more about the seven-year date.

Anything in the past seven years will be checked by the company.

The company will not consider the criminal convictions that date back more than seven years.

Pre-employment Drug Tests

The background check must be an important question owned by job seekers with a felony.

Nevertheless, is not the only important question they have.

They might also have a question about whether Apple runs pre-employment drug tests or not.

When looking for this information online, the result can be pretty conflicting.

According to some former and current Apple employees, they needed to undergo a drug test before entering the company as official employers.

However, some other employers said that they do not need to do that, at all.

In this circumstance, it will be better if you are prepared to face both scenarios when applying for jobs at Apple.

It means that you need to avoid taking prohibited drugs and alcohol at least a month before the date. It is the only way to pass the drug test before employment.

Apple and The Ban-the-Box Movement

When looking for a job opportunity, people with a felony will always have a big question about whether the company takes part in the ban-the-box movement.

The very same question goes for Apple. People might be questioning the involvement of this giant company in the movement.

The answer is YES. Apple is part of the ban-the-box movement.

This company has taken part in the movement for protecting against job discrimination against people with criminal convictions.

What is Ban-the-Box? It is a federal regulation that prohibits any American employers that have joined the movement from inquiring about criminal convictions when looking for employees.

Since Apple has also joined the movement, there is no need to worry that you will be asked about criminal convictions.

However, if you are qualified to work at Apple, you need to divulge your past criminal convictions whether the violent or non-violent ones.


Because Apple does conduct background checks during their hiring process, you need to look back at your felony convictions carefully to make sure that you provide the appropriate information to the company in your job application.

You should not hide your felony convictions because being honest will be the key to getting your good life back.