Companies with 4 Day Work A Weeks

You’re not the only one experiencing burnout and overwhelm. It has been a crazy couple of years.

The American Psychological Association claims in a paper titled “Stress in America 2020: A National Mental Health Crisis” that “We are confronting a national mental health crisis that could generate serious health and societal effects for years to come.”

So, yes, you’re not by yourself.

As a result, some businesses are reevaluating the traditional five-day workweek and are experimenting with, and in some cases, fully adopting, a four-day workweek.

As you might expect, workers are enthusiastic about the notion. According to one survey, 98% of participants said a four-day workweek would improve their mental health, and 97% said they would be more productive.

Most workers claim they would be willing to work four 10-hour days in order to attain that four-day workweek, but that may not be necessary.

Some businesses (including a few listed below) only require employees to work a total of 32 hours per week by offering normal, eight-hour workdays and four-day workweeks.

Shorter workweeks are not surprising given the current state of the labor market, according to FlexJobs Career Development Manager Brie Reynolds in a press release.

This sentiment “signals the importance of a good work-life balance and the role that job flexibility plays in achieving it when we think about the future of work,” according to the statement.

These 12 businesses are leading the way and also employ remote workers:

Thanks to our friends at FlexJobs, who love remote work, for the list. (Additionally, these businesses have recently employed or are currently hiring for remote employment.)

List Companies with 4 Day Work A Weeks

1.) Uncharted

Looking for a business that treats its people fairly and does good deeds for the environment? Visit Uncharted to learn more about the nonprofit organization fighting issues including discrimination and urban poverty.

Uncharted began providing a seasonal, 32-hour, four-day workweek in June 2020 in addition to hiring remote workers for open positions.

2.) Praytell

Recently, this PR and marketing firm has filled remote positions including creative director and designer.

In addition, a four-day workweek trial began in October 2021. (At this time, it is unknown what they will do moving ahead.)

3.) Nectafy

Since providing a 32-hour, four-day workweek in January 2020, Nectafy, a content and marketing company, hasn’t looked back.

Even with the shorter workweek, they pay their employees the same amount, and they also employ remote workers for positions like company development agent and growth content editor.

4.) GooseChase

You can organize physical scavenger hunts with the help of the web platform GooseChase.

When you investigate what it’s like to work for the business, the pleasure keeps going.

Since June 2021, GooseChase has employed remote candidates for positions such as head of people and senior full stack engineer.

Even part of their four-day workweek research was laid forth in their blog.

5.) DNSFilter

In order to manage the business, which provides cloud-based web content filtering and threat security, DNSFilter has for a long time hired for remote positions like digital marketing specialist and sales operations manager.

Additionally, a rotating four-day workweek with every other Friday off for team members has been trialled by DNSFilter and is now in place.

6.) Bolt

Bolt established the four-day workweek in January 2022 in addition to offering e-commerce companies a one-click checkout and hiring remote workers (recent remote job posts include onboarding associate and social media specialist).

After a three-month trial period during which employees had every Friday off, the decision was taken.

7.) Basecamp

One of the pioneers of remote work is Basecamp; they even published a book on it.

Since May 2008, they have offered their workforce four-day workweeks every summer in addition to assisting other businesses work well remotely (using their project management software). What do you call revolutionary?

8.) Buffer

Despite having its headquarters in San Francisco, the social media management and software startup Buffer also employs remote workers.

They began offering a four-day workweek to staff members in May 2020, and nearly two years later, 91% of team members report being happier and more productive.

9.) Kickstarter

You’ve probably heard of (or maybe used) Kickstarter, but the organization provides more than just aid in fund raising.

In addition to hiring remote workers for positions like senior product counsel and director of people, they also declared plans to test a 32-hour, four-day workweek in 2022.

10.) Panasonic

If you think that young companies are the only ones adopting the four-day workweek, check out Panasonic, which began offering optional four-day workweeks in January 2022.

The company also uses remote recruiting, and it recently posted positions on FlexJobs for staff accountants and marketing managers.

11.) ThredUP

A remote revenue manager and a vice president of human resources and overall rewards were most recently hired by an online community for apparel exchange.

ThredUp began offering a four-day workweek in 2021 in addition to flexible PTO and excellent compensation, and hasn’t looked back since.

12.) G2i

G2i performs a lot of remote hiring because they link startups and mid-stage businesses with talented web and mobile engineers.

They’re currently experimenting with a bimonthly four-day workweek and claim it’s improved hiring, talent retention, and work quality.